Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What areas do you serve?



A: We will go anywhere to serve you or your party.


Q: What services or vehicles do you offer?


A: We are glad to offer Airport pickup, One way trip or Round trip and of course we will be glad to service a group of travelers.

Our vehicles are Sedans, SUVs and Vans, all executive, luxury type.

To learn more about our vehicles please visit our FLEET page.


Q: How late do you stay out?



A: We except reservations and incoming calls from 9 AM to 9 PM (Eastern Time) seven days a week.

We open on Holidays.

For all pre-arranged reservations we will stay out as late as the reservation requires.



Q: Do you stock liquor or can guests bring drinks to the vehicle?



A: Generally we do not stock alcohol in a vehicle unless it’s requested during the reservation and there is cost associated with that.

Guests are welcome to bring a cooler with them and it is only for a partitioned Limousine vehicles. This is not allowed for any premium vehicles (Sedans and SUVs).

In some cases a spill deposit may be required.

We are not allowing any food or any beverages for prom or parties with guests under 18 y.o.


Q: Do you allow smoking?


A: We do not allow smoking inside our cars.


Q: What do you require to make a reservation?


A: Reservations are accepted online or over the phone.

A deposit of 30 to 50 percent is required in order to confirm any reservation.


Q: What type of payments do you accept?


A: All reservations are pre-arranged with a deposit paid at a time of booking and are prepaid in full at the time of pick up.

We accept all major credit cards.


Q: Can I tip the driver directly?


A: A tip is usually included in the invoice, but guests are welcome to tip the driver in cash, where it’s not required by the reservation.


Q: Do you do overnight trips?


A: Yes we do overnight trips. For details and arrangements please call the office.


Q: Do you do large group reservations for pick ups to/from Airport or corporate?


A: Yes, absolutely, we will be glad to accommodate those group trips. For Reservations and details please call the office.